Nye prosjekter

7. november 2015

  Over et år har gått siden min forrige oppdatering kom. Ikke kom den fra meg heller, men fra min mor. Så da er det kanskje på tide med en ny oppdatering? I August flyttet jeg til Oslo for å studere psykologi ved Bjørknes Høyskole. Psykologi er et utrolig spennende fag, utrolig lærerikt med utrolig […]

Et år går fort!

4. oktober 2014

            Da er jeg tilbake i Sarpsborg, Norge, etter et fantastisk år i Springfield, IL, USA. Jeg har det siste året valgt å ha fokus på skole, på språk, på nye vennskap (uten å glemme de gamle selvfølgelig) og på det å tilpasse meg en ny kultur, et nytt land […]

Exchange student in the United States 2013 / 2014

11. september 2013

I’m so Lucky! Spending schoolyear 2013 / 2014 as an exchange student in the United States!

Listen to my songs

2. mars 2013

I can now proudly present my own three songs – recorded by Indasoul Entertainment, Los Angeles, USA: One of the songs are also posted on NRK, P3, Urort (a Norwegian radio channel with a program called «Untouched»):

So excited!

15. februar 2013

Finally received all of my three songs – finished mixed, and now I’m just waiting on the plan for how this will be marketed in the USA. Then I’ll know how I can expose the songs – and myself – both in Norway and in the US. Here’s a few pictures from when I was in the studio in LA, and a little sample from one of my songs. Tell me what you think :-) AHG Waiting to be found_3           […]

New year – great start!

17. januar 2013

It’s been almost two weeks since I came home from Los Angeles. I was in the studio recording my songs, as well as we went to Universal Studios, Sea World in San Diego, Santa Monica, Venice and of course we did a lot of shopping. It was a great adventure, and I can’t wait till […]

I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!

18. desember 2012

               I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!

Since last time

4. november 2012

Since last time I’ve got one of my songs. It’s a pop-song, and the rythm is really cool. More than that I can’t say. I’ll let you guys wonder! Soon I’ll get my second song, and in about a month I’ll get my 3rd and last song. When I have learned the songs, I’ll go […]

A lot going on

23. september 2012

There’s going to happen a lot of exciting things in the next couple of months. During this winter I will go back to Los Angeles and record three songs that will be written for me. Which means I will record brand new songs! I’ll receive the songs during the fall, so excited! I’m really looking […]

Home from LA

23. juli 2012

It’s been almost a week since I came home, and I already miss it. Now, safely home in my own house with my family, I understand what I just did. I went to the US, all by my self with basically no one I knew, thousands of miles away from my parents. I competed in […]