Talk to me!

25. mai 2013

This was the song I sang in the youth festival Festenforresten today. Hope you like it! Talk to me: Ann-Helen Gamlesanne Talk To Me

My first live performance with my own song!

24. april 2013

I am proud to announce that I will be performing at the following events in my hometown, Sarpsborg:  

New Photos

7. april 2013

Please go to my photos (pictures) and see some of the pictures I took when I was in the U.S. last Christmas.

Happy birthday to me!

10. mars 2013

 Tomorrow is my birthday!                                     11. March is my birthday! Love it! This is me completely private. Without makeup. Just me :-)

Los Angeles!

6. juli 2012

Right now, I’m blogging from my hotelbed. The clock is only 07 am, but I’m wide awake. Think The reason is a mixup of excitement and jet-lag. We came to Los Angeles 02:20 pm yesterday, which is 23:20 Norwegian time. We where prepared to stand in line for a couple of hours, but from the […]

The other contestant

28. juni 2012

On Facebook, all of the norwegian and swedish contestant have our own page where we can put messages and links. So I thought I could post all of the other bloglinks under here! So take a look! :-) Tove Blum(S) Lina Nyvaller(S) Mathilda Paradeiser(S) Camilla Fogestedt(S) Belinda Trinh(S) Elena Sofia […]

Boothcamp Stockholm

27. juni 2012

Last weekend I was in Stockholm with the Access to Hollywood-team. There’s only 5 norwegian, the rest are swedish. And I’m the youngest. But it was still supercool to meet the people I’m traveling with. Even tho some of the contestant are a lot older than me, they are so easy to talk to! Can’t […]

New sponsors!

20. juni 2012

This weekend, when I was in Stockholm, all of the Access to Hollywood-contestant was sponsored! We was sponsored with watches from GUL ( hair products from GOLDWELL! I love the watch, and I can’t wait to try the hair products. I’m going to save the products for the trip to the US! :-) I will […]

Ferdig pakket

15. juni 2012

Først: Fremover nå skal jeg begynne å skrive litt på engelsk også. Konkurransen er jo internasjonal, og for at flere skal forstå hva jeg skriver så er engelsk det enkleste valget. I dag skal jeg til Stockholm. Alt er ferdig pakket, og jeg venter egentlig bare på å bli hentet. Og nå er vel så […]


8. juni 2012

26 dager. Da letter første flyet. 36 timer senere lander vi i Los Angeles. 14:20 LA-tid. 23:20 norsk tid. En utrolig lang reise, men skal heldigvis ikke reise alene. Reiser med 4 andre svensker. Det blir bra! Men aller først er det «booth-camp» i Stockholm! Reiser neste fredag, og kommer hjem natt til mandag. På […]