Boothcamp Stockholm

Last weekend I was in Stockholm with the Access to Hollywood-team. There’s only 5 norwegian, the rest are swedish. And I’m the youngest. But it was still supercool to meet the people I’m traveling with. Even tho some of the contestant are a lot older than me, they are so easy to talk to! Can’t wait to spend some amazing days in Los Angeles with them.

On saturday, it was first a lecture with a man named Sven. He talked about his experience in the business. That you shouldn’t believe everything being said to you. If someone says that you are the best in what you’re doing, that may not be true. He also talked about how fast and how easy it is to break down a brand that you haven been working on since a little kid, or at least many years.

After the lecture we ate lunch, before we had singing lecture. We went up on stage one by one, and sang what we are singing in WCoPA. I was really nervous because I had (and still have) a soar throat. But all the others who sang where amazing, everyone are so good! After dinner some of the singers who was over 18 got to perform, while the rest of us, who is under 18, had to go back to the hotel.

Sunday was kind of the same as Saturday. We started the day with singing lessons, and later the rest of us performed in front of the audience! We got styled with makeup, and the hairdresser fixed my hair. My performance went ok, considered my sore throat. But all the other performances was great! So glad I’m competing in 16-17 years, and not older. Cause if I did, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

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