The other contestant

On Facebook, all of the norwegian and swedish contestant have our own page where we can put messages and links. So I thought I could post all of the other bloglinks under here! So take a look! :-)

Tove Blum(S)

Lina Nyvaller(S)

Mathilda Paradeiser(S)

Camilla Fogestedt(S)

Belinda Trinh(S)

Elena Sofia Alexandra Persson(S)

David Ninjamannen Walterholm (S)

Roni Sazdar (S)

Johanna Berg(S)

Fredrik Lundman(S)

Jessica Lilleberg(S)

André Santagati(N)

Maria Broberg(S)

Linus Grudd(S)

Ida Berghman (S)

Janilee Svärdstål (S)

Kevin Vaz (S)

Rebecca Vilagos (S)

Erik Ståhlberg (S)
I hope I got them all :-)

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