Sightseeing & opening ceremoni

On Friday I and my roommate, Elena, went on a hop-on hop-off bus who drove around Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. We went off the bus at Santa Monica Beach and took a bath in the ocean. Many movies and tv-series, like Baywatch, has been filmed there, so it was really cool to see and be at the places I’ve only seen on screen.

On Saturday it was boothcamp all day. The first boothcamp was with Seth Riggs, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Diana Ross and many many more! He talked about the business, ups and downs and some of his personal experience. It was a really good lecture.

Today was the opening ceremony. There’s only 5 people representing Norway. Linda (actress), Silje (actress), André (actor/singer), Kim (actor/model) and me! We had all gotten different messages, but we all worked it out and got painted with the Norwegian flag!
After the ceremony, we hade some spare time, so I went to the supermarket. On my way, I got in the middle of a tv-show shoot. It was fun watching!! I also got stopped by 3 police officers who wondered why I had I batch around my neck. So I had to explain and tell them about wcopa. They where really cool talking to! At the supermarket I also got compliments for my hair. One of the people who commented my hair was a marine officer who just came from the marine.
It’s so weird and amazing how nice and including these people are!!






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