Home from LA

It’s been almost a week since I came home, and I already miss it. Now, safely home in my own house with my family, I understand what I just did. I went to the US, all by my self with basically no one I knew, thousands of miles away from my parents. I competed in a championship, who someone says is like the Olympics, only in performing arts. Where I, all by myself got a silver medal. Some of the swedish and norwegians got so many medals and overall-winners that I think team scandinavia won overall.

<- Me on stage

All of the people I’ve met will never be forgotten. Contestants, business people and random people on the supermarket; everyone. If it was just a random person commenting my hair (haha, yes, that did happened) or if it was the other contestants who became our friend, even tho we was competing against each other. All of the people from so many different cultures and countries who got so well together; it’s unbelievable and amazing.


I also got some amazing contacts, got to know people who can help me in this industry. Exciting things are going to happen in the nearest future. Fun!

Team Norway + Lara (who also is Norwegian, but representing Sweeden) and Camilla!

Want to thank everyone I met down there. Thank you for making this trip the best trip I’ve ever had. It’s going to take a lot to beat this trip with you guys!

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