A lot going on

There’s going to happen a lot of exciting things in the next couple of months. During this winter I will go back to Los Angeles and record three songs that will be written for me. Which means I will record brand new songs! I’ll receive the songs during the fall, so excited! I’m really looking forward to this; it’s still all so surrealistic.

Before I go back to LA I will be a part of a show called “The show must go on 2” on “Edderkoppen” Theatre in Oslo. The show is a tribute to Queen and Freddy Mercury, and it’s a really popular show here in Norway. This is also something I’m super excited about!

photo: weheartit.com

So, as you probably have figured out by now, this fall and winter I have a lot going on. All the above, school, singing lessons and work. My blogging won’t be great, but I will post something sometimes when I have something to blog about!

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