I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!

18. desember 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

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 I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!

Since last time

4. november 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

Since last time I’ve got one of my songs. It’s a pop-song, and the rythm is really cool. More than that I can’t say. I’ll let you guys wonder! Soon I’ll get my second song, and in about a month I’ll get my 3rd and last song. When I have learned the songs, I’ll go to LA with my family to record them. So excited!!

Other than that, I’ve decided to be an exchange student next year. That means I’ll live with an american family for 10 months, and get the chance to live the american teenage-life. I won’t leave until august/september, but I’ve already counting days.

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A lot going on

23. september 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

There’s going to happen a lot of exciting things in the next couple of months. During this winter I will go back to Los Angeles and record three songs that will be written for me. Which means I will record brand new songs! I’ll receive the songs during the fall, so excited! I’m really looking forward to this; it’s still all so surrealistic.

Before I go back to LA I will be a part of a show called “The show must go on 2” on “Edderkoppen” Theatre in Oslo. The show is a tribute to Queen and Freddy Mercury, and it’s a really popular show here in Norway. This is also something I’m super excited about!

photo: weheartit.com

So, as you probably have figured out by now, this fall and winter I have a lot going on. All the above, school, singing lessons and work. My blogging won’t be great, but I will post something sometimes when I have something to blog about!

Home from LA

23. juli 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

It’s been almost a week since I came home, and I already miss it. Now, safely home in my own house with my family, I understand what I just did. I went to the US, all by my self with basically no one I knew, thousands of miles away from my parents. I competed in a championship, who someone says is like the Olympics, only in performing arts. Where I, all by myself got a silver medal. Some of the swedish and norwegians got so many medals and overall-winners that I think team scandinavia won overall.

<- Me on stage

All of the people I’ve met will never be forgotten. Contestants, business people and random people on the supermarket; everyone. If it was just a random person commenting my hair (haha, yes, that did happened) or if it was the other contestants who became our friend, even tho we was competing against each other. All of the people from so many different cultures and countries who got so well together; it’s unbelievable and amazing.


I also got some amazing contacts, got to know people who can help me in this industry. Exciting things are going to happen in the nearest future. Fun!

Team Norway + Lara (who also is Norwegian, but representing Sweeden) and Camilla!

Want to thank everyone I met down there. Thank you for making this trip the best trip I’ve ever had. It’s going to take a lot to beat this trip with you guys!

Mom’s blog

12. juli 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

Hello everybody! Unfortunately I dont have so much time to write in my blog in these days. I´ll be back…. Promise!! In the meantime, please look at some new pictures I´ve posted, and you´re also welcome to read «Mom´s Blog» for updates.

Sightseeing & opening ceremoni

10. juli 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

On Friday I and my roommate, Elena, went on a hop-on hop-off bus who drove around Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. We went off the bus at Santa Monica Beach and took a bath in the ocean. Many movies and tv-series, like Baywatch, has been filmed there, so it was really cool to see and be at the places I’ve only seen on screen.

On Saturday it was boothcamp all day. The first boothcamp was with Seth Riggs, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Diana Ross and many many more! He talked about the business, ups and downs and some of his personal experience. It was a really good lecture.

Today was the opening ceremony. There’s only 5 people representing Norway. Linda (actress), Silje (actress), André (actor/singer), Kim (actor/model) and me! We had all gotten different messages, but we all worked it out and got painted with the Norwegian flag!
After the ceremony, we hade some spare time, so I went to the supermarket. On my way, I got in the middle of a tv-show shoot. It was fun watching!! I also got stopped by 3 police officers who wondered why I had I batch around my neck. So I had to explain and tell them about wcopa. They where really cool talking to! At the supermarket I also got compliments for my hair. One of the people who commented my hair was a marine officer who just came from the marine.
It’s so weird and amazing how nice and including these people are!!






Los Angeles!

6. juli 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

Right now, I’m blogging from my hotelbed. The clock is only 07 am, but I’m wide awake. Think The reason is a mixup of excitement and jet-lag. We came to Los Angeles 02:20 pm yesterday, which is 23:20 Norwegian time.
We where prepared to stand in line for a couple of hours, but from the plane landed till we sat in a Taxi it took an hour. We were very lucky, because when we left the airport, it was a bomb threats at LAX, so some of the people we are here with had to stay at the airport for extra two hours.

When we got to the hotel, we just relaxed, walked a little around the area, and swam in the pool. This hotel has everything: hairdresser, nail designer, shops, restaurants, gym, pool and the standards are really high. I don’t know what we hare doing today, but I think it’ll be either shopping or the beach! :-)

the hotel we stay at, really nice!

Heathrow, London

4. juli 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

We’ve finally arrived London, and we’re staying at the airport till tomorrow morning, then we’re leaving directly to Los Angeles! It’s an 11 hour flight, but there’s a TV in the plane where we can watch movies, play video games ++

Right now we’re watching «Eurotrip» on Kevin’s computer!




The other contestant

28. juni 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

On Facebook, all of the norwegian and swedish contestant have our own page where we can put messages and links. So I thought I could post all of the other bloglinks under here! So take a look! :-)

Tove Blum(S)

Lina Nyvaller(S)

Mathilda Paradeiser(S)

Camilla Fogestedt(S)

Belinda Trinh(S)

Elena Sofia Alexandra Persson(S)

David Ninjamannen Walterholm (S)

Roni Sazdar (S)

Johanna Berg(S)

Fredrik Lundman(S)

Jessica Lilleberg(S)

André Santagati(N)

Maria Broberg(S)

Linus Grudd(S)

Ida Berghman (S)

Janilee Svärdstål (S)

Kevin Vaz (S)

Rebecca Vilagos (S)

Erik Ståhlberg (S)
I hope I got them all :-)

Boothcamp Stockholm

27. juni 2012 by Ann-Helen Gamlesanne

Last weekend I was in Stockholm with the Access to Hollywood-team. There’s only 5 norwegian, the rest are swedish. And I’m the youngest. But it was still supercool to meet the people I’m traveling with. Even tho some of the contestant are a lot older than me, they are so easy to talk to! Can’t wait to spend some amazing days in Los Angeles with them.

On saturday, it was first a lecture with a man named Sven. He talked about his experience in the business. That you shouldn’t believe everything being said to you. If someone says that you are the best in what you’re doing, that may not be true. He also talked about how fast and how easy it is to break down a brand that you haven been working on since a little kid, or at least many years.

After the lecture we ate lunch, before we had singing lecture. We went up on stage one by one, and sang what we are singing in WCoPA. I was really nervous because I had (and still have) a soar throat. But all the others who sang where amazing, everyone are so good! After dinner some of the singers who was over 18 got to perform, while the rest of us, who is under 18, had to go back to the hotel.

Sunday was kind of the same as Saturday. We started the day with singing lessons, and later the rest of us performed in front of the audience! We got styled with makeup, and the hairdresser fixed my hair. My performance went ok, considered my sore throat. But all the other performances was great! So glad I’m competing in 16-17 years, and not older. Cause if I did, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

The Access to Hollywood-logo!